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  • Canada's Most Expensive And Cheapest Places To Buy A Home In 1 Infographic

    We've heard the complaints: it's tough to buy a home in Canada. But just how difficult is it? Depends entirely on where you live. Toronto-based website Rentseeker in February generated an infographic that showed how much it cost to rent a place across Canada. Now, the website that specializes in services for the apartment industry has produced another one, showing how much annual income you would need to pull in different cities to afford an average-priced home.

  • The Truth About Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl siding may be the most popular siding material, but does it live up to the hype? You may be leaning towards vinyl siding because it’s rumoured to be easy to care for and durable. Here's what you should know before you make the commitment.

    From: Forbidden Advice, Reader's Digest Canada

  • It’s Never Too Early To Plan Your Move

    President's Toronto SUN Column

    TREB President's Column as it appears every Friday in the Toronto Sun's Resale Homes and Condos section.